Hi! My name is Amelia Johnson and I am the designer behind vivimimi. I've been an Athens, GA resident since 2008, completing my BFA in Fabric Design with a minor in Art History from the University of Georgia not long after. I have an obsession with flowers & foliage, wild prints, & crazy textures.⠀⠀⠀

 With over a decade of experience in surface design - ranging from textiles, hospitality floor coverings, & graphic design - my lifelong obsession with trips to botanical gardens & marveling at amazing flowers morphed into an interest in floral design. I joined a local flower shop, learning the ropes by doing everything from customer service to design and, eventually, management. From there I was totally hooked, loving the connection that comes from sharing my work with others & finding a medium that effortlessly combines my passion for design & beautiful blossoms.
style & inspiration
The designs of vivimimi focus on a love of playful color and form with a nod to the past - sometimes kooky & sometimes kitschy.  My interest in studying fabric design grew from a love of all things vintage - with the 1960's & 70's holding a special place in my heart. Simplified forms with bright colors & bold contrast were the result of this love of all things retro. 
Growing flowers in my garden is such a happy part of my life & source of inspiration. Texture, color, fragrance, & form all come together in the garden. Whenever possible, vivimimi arrangements prioritize home or locally grown lovelies.
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